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Foundations of Execution

Foundations of Execution is a family of transformative online and in-person programs designed to strategically facilitate leadership growth, goal achievement, and self-discovery.

Embrace fundamental change by understanding and developing your Personal Culture

Hi! I'm Matthew Canning.

I’m a lifelong technologist, Fortune 50 executive, leadership/productivity educator, and the founder of the online personal development destination Become Better at Everything. I’m the author of Master the Language of the Universe, Never Forget Again, and Get it Together as well as a frequent media contributor, startup advisor, and entrepreneur.

Most importantly, though, I’m an execution guide; through my family of online and in-person programs, I’ve helped countless individuals develop the tools and skills necessary to achieve feats of personal, professional, and creative greatness. It’s my passion, and it’s taken me all over the world.

Experience the Foundations of Execution Difference

A philosophy-first approach that lets you understand the core motivations that fuel your journey and use that knowledge to craft strategies and tactics—not the other way around.

Assess and rebuild the way you operate from the ground up; relearn the fundamental means by which you approach problems, organize your time and tasks, and tolerate your own failures.

A unique, fun, and modern tone; stuffy, sanitized, self-righteous leadership and goal execution programs are a relic of the past.

Explore the Programs

For Leaders / Businesses

Leadership doesn’t mean being in charge. It means understanding your own motivations and those of the people you’re responsible for. It means developing the maturity to identify and execute flawlessly upon the things that truly matter. It means building a foundation of organizational, interpersonal, and technical competencies that separate the successful from those who struggle.

Good leadership isn’t about working harder; it’s about understanding yourself—your Personal Culture—and then using that understanding to craft a custom framework for success. An intention-driven leader’s philosophy should inform his or her strategy and the strategy should in turn inform his or her tactics.

The strategies I share in Modus Prime are the very ones I use myself.

Modus Prime is ideal for leaders of all types—including new or emerging leaders and seasoned leaders experiencing an increased scale of influence.

For Individuals

If you’re like most people, you have a goal or a dream—something ambitious you’re passionate about—but days of excuses and false starts have slowly turned into years of the same. This isn’t because of weakness or laziness; it’s because execution is a skill, and success isn’t a matter of trying harder or wanting it more; it’s a matter of strategy.

There’s a simple answer to the question, “what do all great success stories share in common?” With the exception of a few very lucky or well-connected individuals, the answer lies in cultivating execution mastery; and until you’ve embraced this approach your goals and dreams will remain just that: goals and dreams.

Your Success Story is ideal for individuals who finally want to pursue that goal or dream that’s always seemed out of reach.

For Students / Educational Institutions

Architects learned architecture in school. Historians learned history. Illustrators learned illustration.

What did leaders learn?

Individuals become leaders when they’ve excelled in their jobs or industries only to spend a good deal of their time and energy focused on leadership-specific tasks and strategies outside the scope of their respective disciplines; no one is taught leadership itself.

Leadership can be taught and mastered, and it’s never too early to begin approaching it as a distinct skill set. Modus Prime EDU is ideal for future leaders in late secondary and higher education.

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