Foundations of Execution is a family of transformative online and in-person programs designed to strategically facilitate leadership growth, goal achievement, and self-discovery.

For Leaders / Organizations

Leadership doesn’t mean being in charge. It means understanding your own motivations and those of the people you’re responsible for. It means developing the maturity to identify and execute flawlessly upon the things that truly matter. It means building a foundation of organizational, interpersonal, and technical competencies that separate the successful from those who struggle.

Good leadership isn’t about working harder; it’s about understanding yourself—your Personal Culture—and then using that understanding to craft a custom framework for success. An intention-driven leader’s philosophy should inform his or her strategy and the strategy should in turn inform his or her tactics.

The strategies I share in Modus Prime are the very ones I use myself.

Modus Prime is ideal for leaders of all types—including new or emerging leaders and seasoned leaders experiencing an increased scale of influence.

For Small Organizations / Startups

Treating your small organization or startup as such is perfectly fine as long as it remains at that scale; however, if you expect your story to include growth, know this: those who resist evolution struggle and those who embrace it thrive.

The best-run small organizations and startups recognize the value in implementing the tested processes, cultures, leadership behaviors, decision structures, and risk-management practices that work for the world’s most successful companies. They understand the value of doing so early in their journey and under the counsel of a trusted and experienced partner.

It’s time for Version 2 of your organization.

Version 2 is a relationship. It’s a bespoke roadmap from your current state to an air-tight and operationalized enterprise that involves dialogue at every step.

Additional information will be available in the winter of 2018.

For Students / Educational Institutions

Architects learned architecture in school. Historians learned history. Illustrators learned illustration.

What did leaders learn?

Current students will spend years refining their skills in whatever domain or industry they chose to pursue. Individuals often become leaders—of people, teams, or processes—when they’ve excelled in their jobs or industries; however, while domain expertise and exceptional performance often translate to trust, they don’t necessarily prepare one for leadership.

Once comfortable in their careers, those who make the transition from individual contribution to leadership will often find that mentors/managers consistently fail to furnish them with the requisite skills; these individuals will find themselves effectively starting over in what amounts to a new career that requires an entirely new skill set.

This has happened to countless individuals. This certainly happened to me.

Key aspects of leadership can be taught and mastered. It’s my mission to prepare people for the realities of leadership, and it’s never too early to begin that journey. Modus Prime EDU is ideal for future leaders in late secondary and higher education.

About Matthew Canning

I’m a technologist, Fortune 50 executive, and leadership/productivity educator. I’m the author of Master the Language of the Universe, Never Forget Again, and Get it Together as well as a frequent media contributor and startup advisor. I have a track record of building first-in-class, highly scalable teams and processes and regularly work with established leadership teams to help bring about positive operational and cultural change.

Most importantly, though, I’m an execution guide; through my family of online and in-person programs, I’ve helped countless individuals develop the tools and skills necessary to achieve feats of personal, professional, and creative greatness. It’s my passion, and it’s taken me all over the world.

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