Leadership Starts Now™

Let’s start with a fact: Leadership education is often reactionary.

Architects learned architecture in school. Historians learned history. Illustrators learned illustration.

What did leaders learn?

Current students will spend years refining their skills in whatever domain or industry they chose to pursue. Individuals often become leaders—of people, teams, or processes—when they’ve excelled in their jobs or industries; however, while domain expertise and exceptional performance often translate to trust, they don’t necessarily prepare one for leadership.

Once comfortable in their careers, those who make the transition from individual contribution to leadership will often find that mentors/managers consistently fail to furnish them with the requisite skills; these individuals will find themselves effectively starting over in what amounts to a new career that requires an entirely new skill set.

This has happened to countless individuals. This certainly happened to me.

Key aspects of leadership can be taught and mastered. It’s my mission to prepare people for the realities of leadership, and it’s never too early to begin that journey.

Modus Prime EDU examines and breaks down the characteristics that most often separate those who thrive from those who struggle at any level of experience.

It’s not a lecture—it’s a conversation. It’s a transformative and intensive questioning of what it will mean to be a leader in every aspect of your life and future career.

I’ve mentored leaders across a wide range of disciplines and industries and at all levels of experience, and in doing so I’ve managed to distill the behaviors and characteristics of successful leaders into a set of well-tested core principles. More importantly, I’ve developed a one-of-a-kind leadership model you won’t find anywhere else.

Modus Prime EDU is an in-person program program based on the popular Modus Prime curriculum. All training takes place in a group setting onsite at your location.

Modus Prime EDU is ideal for future leaders in late secondary and higher education. Get in touch below to find out more.

With Modus Prime EDU, Your Future Leaders Will Come Away With:

A Personal Culture

A custom brand defining the influence, expectations, values, traditions, and language unique to their leadership

Deep Strategy

A robust organizational framework that reduces or eliminates the process, time, and resource pain points that cripple even the most experienced leaders

Future Focus

An understanding of what the future of leadership will look like in transforming times (culturally and technologically)—and how to align themselves with it


Strategies that will allow them to remove the possibility of failure from any initiative they find valuable—no matter how ambitious—without relying on self-discipline

Cornerstone Strategies

The wisdom to identify and focus upon the parts of their careers that matter and the courage to ignore those that don’t—something that often takes decades of experience to master

A Personalized Action Plan

Customized content catered to their specific industry, discipline, and competencies

Experience the Modus Prime EDU Difference

A philosophy-first approach that lets you understand the core motivations that fuel your journey and use that knowledge to craft strategies and tactics—not the other way around.

Assess and rebuild the way you operate from the ground up; relearn the fundamental means by which you approach problems, organize your time and tasks, and tolerate your own failures.

A unique, fun, and modern tone; stuffy, sanitized, self-righteous leadership education is a relic of the past.

“Matthew’s ability to connect with a room full of diverse people speaks directly to the focus of much of his work: the audience themselves. And it’s that focus on the audience that allows for Matthew’s message to resonate with individuals from corporate and creative settings, from boardrooms to classrooms, for one simple reason–his is a message of self-focus and self-empowerment and all about becoming a better version of yourself, whoever you are.”

Patrick Wallace—Assoc. Director, Campus Center at Rutgers University Camden

Hi! I'm Matthew Canning.

I’m a technologist, Fortune 50 executive, and leadership/productivity educator. I’m the author of Master the Language of the UniverseNever Forget Again, and Get it Together as well as a frequent media contributor, startup advisor, and entrepreneur. I have a track record of building first-in-class, highly scalable teams and processes and regularly work with established leadership teams to help bring about positive operational and cultural change.

Most importantly, though, I’m an execution guide; through my family of online and in-person programs, I’ve helped countless individuals develop the tools and skills necessary to achieve feats of personal, professional, and creative greatness. It’s my passion, and it’s taken me all over the world.

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